An experience on choosing a food processor

Cooking has always been my hobby, and I make sure that I have the best of trading in stock options utensils, to make my work smooth. I usually keep selling off my old utensils to buy the latest ones. This keeps me updated with the latest features and I can have the top class kitchen weapons. I had already bought a set of knives early this year, and soon, it was time to look for the best small food processor.

I went into a mall and started looking through the products. But I soon went into a fix, since I’m a little finicky about what I buy for the kitchen. The salespeople came to the rescue and started illustrating a little more in detail. I told them that I wanted to see the latest ones, irrespective of the price, and they showed me Breville BFP800XL. It was a whooping $400 and I wished my husband would have funded me for it! The processor had a 5.5 inch wide feed chute, to reduce pre-chopping requirements. It also had 3 blades, 5 multi-function discs and a storage box for accessories. I went on to see another product, because I realized that I’d rather let my new knives do the pre-chopping! I was taken to the next best small food processor 2016, and it was the Kitchenaid KFP1133ER. This was available at around $260 and came with a 3-in-1 wide-mouth feed tube, which would have accommodated larger items comparatively. It also came with a feature to let the items slide left from right, which would chop them from thick to thin. I moved onto DeLonghi DFP950 which was around $212. It looked like it would whip the ingredients neatly, and they told me that it could be used both as a processor and blender. It also had a built-in scale and a weighing tray.

After these, I came across some more processors, which were all small stock and options trading food processors. They were around $100 or below, and the ones I remember are Cuisinart DLC-10SY, Ninja Master Prep QB900B, Conair Cuisinart DLC-2ABC, Hamilton Beach 70730, Hamilton Beach 70740 and Black Decker FP1600B. I decided to get back home, to ask my family members if they had their inputs, on buying any of the first three I had come across. We ought to make a decision by next Sunday, and I just can’t wait!

How I Have Been Able To Make A Living From Selling Rice


Immediately, after I was dismissed from stock options trading my workstation, for sure, I knew one thing; I was in for tougher times ahead. I had no other source of income and I had depended on this job for years. However, everything was to change and for the good; two days after I got fired one of my sisters approached me and told me all was not lost. I could still pick up the pieces and move on with my life by starting small food joint in town. After all, having been working for one of the best restaurants in town, I had all it took to run the best or even a much better restaurant than the one I worked for. After a very lengthy discussion with her, I decided to give it a try, but I was going to deal with rice only. I had some real expertise when it came to cooking rice and that was going to be the best opportunity to make use of my skills. Two weeks after that lengthy chat with my sister, it was all system go. I had rented one of the best spots in town and all we needed was the best rice cookers.

I talked to a number of my trusted friends about it and they all advised I go for the best rice cooker brands. There were the best and everyone seemed to be talking about them. Just as I was told, the next thing I knew, I was out there looking for the best Japanese rice cooker brands. To cut the story short, my restaurant is doing great; thanks to some of the best Japanese rice cookers I have in my kitchen, the rice we make for our customer is of high quality. As a matter of fact, we are planning on opening two other rice restaurants in town. That alone tells you we are destined for bigger things.

I Just Bought Copper Cookware

Copper has a great color, and it blends perfectly well in my kitchen. I don’t really need to use copper cookware because I have a good set of cookware pots and pans for all my cooking needs which I bought from, apart from crockery for ovens of course. My aunt is a great believer in goodness of copper. When she comes to our place, she brings a small copper pot with her, which she fills with drinking water, and periodically sips it as if it were the costliest water in the world. According to her, drinking water kept in copper pots can do wonders to health. Now, I am not sure whether she is right or wrong. I am merely telling you what she told me. It was at her insistence that my husband took us out, and invariably I ended up with copper cookware.


I can’t tell you whether this set qualifies as the best copper cookware, simply because I have not used it at all. I was lucky that when my aunt was with us, we didn’t have to start using these vessels. My aunt has superstitions about when to use a vessel, and when not to use it. The auspicious time as per her knowledge came around 2 months after she went to another cousin’s place. My copper cookware was spared the mutilation by the kind of seasoning and frying we do in our homes.

For now, my copper cookware hangs on my kitchen wall, and is visible from our dining room. It does have a beautiful shine, though I am not sure, if I start using it, this shine will last for long. It blends beautifully with some of the copper decoration pieces that we brought from Africa, and are displayed in our dining room. We also have a couple of large copper pots that I keep in the dining room.

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I will eventually gift these pots to my daughter I think. She has put up with a lot of inconveniences because of us. She deserves something so beautiful. Perhaps, I should give these pots to her this Christmas. I am only hoping my great aunt will not remember these pots the next time she arrives at our place. If she does, I might have to buy another set of copper cookware. My aunt is about 85 years old, and is still active. She does not have children so she stays with us and other cousins for a couple of months each year. I have another 25 years to reach her age, and I hope I will be as active as her at that age

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The day I got the best espresso maker with less than $200

Did you know that you can actually get the best espresso maker under 200 dollars? This is how I realized that I could get a good quality espresso maker even on a tight budget. My 5-year old espresso maker developed a serious malfunction the other day and, therefore, I couldn’t take a cup of my favorite beverage anymore. With my love for espresso, I just couldn’t stay without an espresso maker in my house. Almost on a daily basis, I have to sleep late in the night working on my projects. Several cups of espresso are enough to keep me awake for long. After my espresso maker couldn’t work anymore, I really struggled to remain awake for my projects.

I had bought the espresso machine at $450, and I didn’t have enough money to buy another one of its kind at that time. So, there I was. A new espresso maker couldn’t sip through my tight budget, yet I was in dire need of one. I had to think fast to solve the dilemma I was in. I decided to take a stroll into one of the busy supermarkets in my neighborhood, at least, to check if I could find a solution to my predicament.

I walked casually, very doubtful of finding a perfect replacement for my non-functional espresso maker. I went straight to the espresso maker shelves and checked whether I could find a cheap one. I was actually not looking for quality, but price. As I was checking through the available espresso makers, I was shocked to find one that impressed me; the price and the quality were actually fine. It was retailing at $190 dollars. I didn’t expect that. According to me, it was the best espresso maker under 200 dollars.

Since I hadn’t carried any cash, I rushed to my house, got the cash and bought the solution to my night problems. I was now able to work on my projects without any struggles. What a relief indeed! With a cup of espresso, am always delighted.

Are elliptical machines for home use really worth the money?

Everyone wants to lose weight or get fit at some point in their lives. That is automatically followed by the decision to work on it, you will drop that weight and get in shape. And it sounds so easy if you just had a good meal and you never worked out in your life. I was one of those people. I blamed everything around me because my weight didn’t go anywhere. I held a very strict diet and I did work out but still my pounds refused to leave. Then I turned to the gym where I paid a lot of money to use all sorts of machines that didn’t help me one bit because I couldn’t spent as much time in there as I wanted.


Before I quit my trainer suggested for me to buy a machine for home use that can work on more muscle groups. And after a long search I found one of the best elliptical machines for home use online. It was a bit pricey but I was determined to reach my goal and I promised to myself I won’t be one of those people that gets a work out machine and never uses it. I had a chance to use all sorts of them in the gym, but only after the elliptical I felt that muscle burn all over my body not only my legs, or arms or belly.

Like regular people, I don’t really swim in money so it was my best chance to work my entire body at once and it seems like it would pay off in the long term. By all means I am all for the machines that work specific parts of your body but if you can afford only one machine, the elliptical is the way to go. There are tones of them online and most of them aren’t really bulky so you can place them wherever you want. Because of practical reasons I think it’s perfect for anyone. You can do a whole bunch of other things while you work out and I am convinced the results will follow.

Air Mattress cured my whiplash injury!


It may seem hard to believe but I firmly believe that an air mattress cured my whiplash injury. A few years ago, I had a rather bad car accident. I didn’t break anything but I suffered from terrible whiplash. Most people with whiplash only get neck pain, but I ended up with a whole range of crazy symptoms. It was just a few weeks before Christmas, and I was running around trying to get everything ready. My entire family was coming from California to visit. Life wasn’t easy, not only did we have a lot of snow in Chicago, but I was having to attend physiotherapy sessions as well.

My poor neck wasn’t getting any better nor could I get rid off the terrible tingling sensations in my arms. There I was 35 years old felling like I was pushing 80! I found it difficult to lift my arms, and as soon as I moved my head too much I felt dizzy. At times I couldn’t even see properly. My doctor wasn’t very worried and said that symptoms would ease. He added that it might take a few months. Good God, I thought, I don’t have a few months. I had to cope with my own family, and my extended family in a few weeks time.

In the end, I started to search the Internet for alternative solutions and found this website, tbliz. One lady who had suffered neck problems for years, seemed to have found relief from an air mattress. After ditching the orthopedic pillows and mattresses, she had discovered that an air mattress had helped her much more. It seemed to have re-aligned her spine, and supported her in all of the right places.

In desperation I asked my husband to bring up our camping air mattress from the basement, I was prepared to try anything at this stage. That night I slept in the spare room on the air mattress. The next morning I woke up and felt much better. The tingling in my arms had not gone, but my neck felt like it was beginning to free itself. Perhaps it was working! After a few more nights on the air mattress I did feel much better, and my physiotherapist could not believe the change. I was able to move my arms freely, and the dizziness had disappeared. There is a lot to be said for alternative treatments, and thanks to our trusted air mattress I did manage to make it a real family Christmas.

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How My Kitchen Should Always Look Like

Having been selling kitchen knives in town for close to 2 decades, I know what makes a great kitchen knife. Over the years, I have learn to pick the best kitchen knives from the bad ones. After all, these are some of the items I come across every other day; for example, maybe when I am doing my stock or even when customers come over to buy one or just a set of kitchen knives. With all that experience, a number of people have come to learn of my skills and they always come to me for advice when they are shopping for this great kitchen tool, and I always help them the best way I can. If you are thinking of buying one of the best kitchen knives real soon, here are my handy tips that will help you find what you have always wanted.


To start you off; versatility of my kitchen knife is important and it is one of the first things that I always give great attention. I want something that can dice, slice and mince among others. After all, who would want to have over 5 knives for different functions? It is because of that that I always go for a versatile kitchen knife. The best part, the market is packed with a lot of them; I am always spoil for choice. It does even stop there; the handle is another thing that can make or even break a great kitchen knife. Having this in mind, I insist on one of the most comfortable handle. It must have been made from the best material that gives me the much needed grip. At the end, when I am out there shopping for the best kitchen knives, to help me get the most out of it, I always put some many factors into great consideration and you also should do the same.

I Solved Language Barrier in Hong Kong with a Virtual Office

I run a business consulting firm in the United States of America. This is something that I have always wanted to do- since my years in high school. Later on, I did business management at the University and counseling psychology in order to manage a consulting business successfully. Years later and I am glad my business is doing exceptionally well. A few months ago, in a bid to expand the client base, I decided to go global. After making extensive deliberations and considerations, Hong Kong seemed to be the best place to start my mission.

One of the major problems that I faced was the language barrier, especially because I had never visited Hong Kong. I was performing online research when I found a solution to my challenge- the benefits of a virtual office. From the word go, I knew this is exactly what I wanted to set up my business in a foreign country. Finding a virtual office in Hong Kong has allowed me and my business a lot of privileges. For instance, I didn’t have to spend so much money as earlier planned in setting up an office in Hong Kong. Further, I managed to find an office that had all the necessary infrastructure and technology to get my consulting business running in an entirely new market.
office in hong kong
It is important to point out that; language barrier wasn’t a problem anymore. The people of Hong Kong speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. In this regard, having persons in a virtual office in Hong Kong, capable of speaking all these languages made it very easy for my business to obtain clients sooner than I expected. I can proudly say that my business now serves a good number of companies in Hong Kong – both small and large. Undoubtedly, technology is among the greatest gifts that the world has received in recent years. I wonder what the world would be like without advancement in technology. Opening a business branch in another country has become incredibly easy and fast.

Looking For A Cheap Virtual Office In Nagoya? This Is My Experience

I was thinking of how I can get an affordable office space that will enable me expand my business while also providing me with the freedom to work from anywhere. I decided to move around to discover first hand what cheap virtual office in Nagoya is available. The Nagoya Lucent Tower was my first stop and magnificence is the best term that describes this virtual office better. The building offers virtual offices, shared offices, private rooms and casual meeting rooms.

The five start central business district address is what attracted me the most. Also provided is a local telephone number which is answered in your business name. The boardroom and meeting rooms are well equipped. A superfast internet connection and teleconferencing facilities is available. Also, there is a multi-lingual office assistant to help with regular or emergency administrative tasks.


I found the meeting package to be attractive as they would allow me teleconference facilities, one hour access to executive business launches for an hour daily. The membership is flexible as it allows the drawing of monthly contracts.

The well designed curve like office also provides interested parties with mail management and reliable courier services. For those who want to benefit from the flexibility which these kind of offices offer, Nagoya Lucent Tower is perhaps the best choice.

I also visited the Nagoya Nikko Shoken Building. The massive tower is located in a well chosen place in the middle of a business hub. The virtual office is accessible anytime, from anywhere and from any device. The office space exudes elegance and you can choose from single or shared spaces, private spaces and a world class conference facility. There is no call center service and so the receptionist will answer telephone calls in your business name. With several fantastic packages which you can choose from, finding a cheap virtual office in the heart of Nagoya is easy.

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Giving Up On Hand Sewing

So as of yesterday, I’m on the market for good beginner sewing machines. Why, you ask? Because I’ve decided to never sew anything by hand again.
My latest craft atrocity is a pillow. Yes, that most innocuous of sewing projects, so easy a ten-year-old could master it, et cetera. I’ll confess that I didn’t use a pattern, but come on! I’m not exactly a beginner with sewing, even if the most complicated project I’ve managed successfully was to reattach a button eye to my daughter’s teddy bear. I didn’t need a pattern for that! And who needs a pattern to make a PILLOW? It’s basically a stuffed rectangle, right?

Apparently I failed geometry, because I ended up with something shaped more like a lima bean, or a mutant potato. Somehow my stitches ended up super-tight on one side, and too loose on the other. I’ve squeezed, kneaded, and punched the stuffing every which way to try to make it appear more uniform, and it’s not working. Turning it upside down just makes it look worse. I’m more ticked off about the fabric than anything else. Honestly, I liked that fabric and now I’ve picked it to death trying to fix my mistakes.


After all that, though, I couldn’t bring myself to destroy my creation. I attached the pillow tassels to the corners like I’d planned. It’s sitting on a chair in my room, staring malevolently at me all day and all night. It’s waiting until my guard is down, I’m sure. I’d be a little angry, too, if I’d been brought into the world by an incompetent. Sorry, mutant pillow, better luck next time? At least it will remind me of my vow: NEVER HAND-SEW AGAIN.

Now that I’ve given up on hand-sewing, I’m going to start looking for a good beginner sewing machines brand. I’ve seen some that have, like, four hundred settings, and I’m afraid I really will bring something horrible to life if I have that kind of power. All I need is a machine that can sew straight lines and make a proper pillow, instead of a sad misshapen sack of fluff.
…All right, maybe a few extra settings would be nice. There are cool ones that do zigzags, and buttons. The poor teddy bear’s eye would probably be a little straighter if I hadn’t done that surgery by hand, too. Wow, how many inanimate objects have I offended with my needle and thread?

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Air Mattress That You Will Like

Mattresses always add an extra dimension to the level of your comfort. If you are thinking of winging somewhere else far from your home, in a place you are not sure of having that coziness, then there is a way off to solve your problem. You may carry the air mattress along with you. Again, suppose some guests thrust your home in some unexpected time when you do not have proper bed arrangement for them, the best rated air mattress can be the solution to find an accommodation for them.
To pick the best air mattress, you may hunt you nearby shopping mall or you may search online for air mattress reviews. There are innumerable sites provides you enormous options to choose the best buy for you. There are a number of companies offering you a diverse range of air mattresses to suit your needs:

1) Aero bed ® mattresses: It will spice up your sleep when you are away from your home. Easy to carry, it can be swelled by means of a compressor. It needs a little time and provide you with a hassle free and peaceful sleep. It provides you a system of cushioning in it, in order to enhance your luxury.

2) Aerobed Eco lite mattresses: They enrich your experience even in uncomfortable zones. The price varies from$79.81 to$99.99 and the warranty period remains two years.

3) Coleman 4-in1 Quick bed: the easy transferable mattress will enable you to split it and use it as two separate beds. It can be used as a single king-size bed, by combining it into a whole. The price range is no doubt reasonable, it costs only $ 39.

4) Hide-A-Mat Portable Mattress: Running out of space in the home? Want to trip a place with the comfort of the home? Perfectly iconic in itself, the product is a perfect combination of art and action; it is ideal for both tours and household. Within the price at your grip, it only costs only $69 and becomes a reliable companion of you for all times.

Don’t think twice. Get home the best portable air mattress of your choice.