White tea benefits

The benefits of white tea and its differences from other species

The content

White tea – a drink made from the dried buds and tender leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. Unlike the processing of green or black tea, it is dried in natural sunlight.

Has a pale yellow or colorless, slightly sweet taste, which is slightly different from the green. With a low content of caffeine and pronounced antioxidant properties, it can be an excellent alternative to coffee and other teas.

Also known as Chinese white tea, most popular in China and the far East where it is considered a true elixir of youth, beauty and longevity. Today it is cultivated in India, Thailand, Nepal and other countries.

Differences between white and green tea

Although the basis is the same plant, the difference between the drink consists in the selection of the leaves and the production process. White is made from the buds and tender, immature leaves, and green – from the small but already Mature leaves.

The buds and leaves for white tea are first boiled in water, then dried in the sun, whereby raw material is subjected to less oxidation. Therefore, its antioxidant properties are more pronounced than green or black tea.

Nutritional value

Composed of tannins and flavonoids (catechins and polyphenols). The level of flavonoids depends on how carefully were selected buds and leaves for future welding.

Another major component is caffeine. Its concentration in white tea have about 8 times lower than in coffee, and 4 times lower than in the black tea.

Since Camellia sinensis absorbs fluoride from pesticides and fertilizers, choose only organic white tea.

The beneficial properties of white tea

1. A storehouse of antioxidants

Due to the flavonoids protect the skin, brain, liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys and other internal organs from oxidative free radicals.

2. For skin

White tea and its extract have a positive effect on the skin, eliminate the first signs of aging, reduce wrinkles and give the skin a healthy and radiant look. Protect the skin from sunlight. White tea is found in many creams, lotions, tonics and other cosmetics.

3. Rejuvenating effect

Wrinkles, gray hair and fatigue are just some of the signs of premature aging due to the destruction of the body’s cells by free radicals and toxins. And here come to the aid of tea catechins.

4. For gums and teeth

The fluoride in the composition of white tea can reduce the risk of dental decay, while the antibacterial ingredients prevent the formation of plaque and stone.

5. Promotes weight loss

Reduces blood sugar levels and speeds up metabolism. Catechins and caffeine are struggling with obesity. For further information you are welcome here .

6. For the prevention and treatment of cancer

Studies in recent years have proven anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties of white tea. When taken regularly, decreases the intensity of the growth of cancer cells and the probability of new mutations.

7. Reduces the risk of heart disease

Tea flavonoids have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, strengthen blood vessels and heart, reduce blood viscosity, reduce blood pressure. In parallel, catechins reduce the level of bad cholesterol.

8. White tea and diabetes

Normalizes blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and controls some symptoms such as excessive thirst.

9. Antibacterial agent

Biologically active compounds in Camellia sinensis, protects the body from viral and bacterial infections, strengthens the immune system.

10. Medicine against stress

Drink alleviates depression and reduces stress by stimulating the production of happy hormones in the brain.

11. Protects from diseases of the liver

According to clinical studies, white tea protects the liver from toxins, including from the effects of alcohol.

Brewing suggestions

The taste and aroma of the drink is very delicate, so even a small error (too high temperature or hard water can ruin the taste.

It is not recommended to boil the tea leaves, you can’t pour tea water to boiling, the water should be hot but not boiling (to 90 degrees). Welding can be used multiple times, but the subsequent brewing will require more time.

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