White chocolate composition

White chocolate

Several thousand years ago by the Aztecs invented chocolate. “Chocolatl” by Aztec recipe prepared without sugar, instead of the thickener was used maize meal, which is not suited to European tastes. But the incredible characteristic of chocolate, lift your mood and improve health, came in handy. Its medicinal properties are ascribed to a bitter taste of the chocolate, in the period from the XVI to the XIX gradually moved in a sweet dessert.

Since the mid-nineteenth century chocolate as a convenience for sale and storage began producing in the solid state, instead of dreary who he was before.

Chocolate manufacturers quite a long time experimenting with different proportions of chocolate, milk and sugar. As a result of these experiments, a new type of chocolate – white, which in its composition contains no cocoa mass. The presence of cocoa butter for many, is not proof that white chocolate is chocolate, but because of the controversy surrounding whether to call white chocolate chocolate, continue to this day.

White chocolate is a universal delicacy: it is very convenient as the material for making jewelry for all sorts of confectionery. This is often used by confectioners and use white chocolate as icing and even a filling for cakes. This is especially true of Easter cakes.

A bit of history

The Swiss were the first to have developed a recipe for white chocolate. In 1930, Nestlé presented on the world market a new product – white chocolate. The US suggested that treats and a few years later the white chocolate appeared on the shelves of each of the confectionery stall and shop. In the former Soviet Union white chocolate for a long time was not made because it was believed that white chocolate is harmful to human health.

The composition of white chocolate, the benefits and harms

In 1930, the composition of the white chocolate looked like this: sugar, cocoa butter, and milk. While of everyone’s favorite treats missing as cocoa powder and cocoa paste. The taste of white chocolate is completely dependent on the use of cocoa butter. To avoid unpleasant flavors in the manufacture of white chocolate using deodorized oil. Sugar for production use preferably refined. Sometimes use no sugar, and cheap sweeteners. Milk to white chocolate, use only dry, and in the product in a lower price category includes various hydrogenated vegetable fats, which often substitute for cocoa butter in the product. To add taste and aroma of the chocolate help artificial flavors and fragrances.

To make the chocolate had a pleasant taste, he must be made according to the proportions determined by international rules. For example, the amount of sugar or other sweeteners should not exceed a figure of 55%, and the rate of cocoa butter – not less than 20%. The percentage of milk powder in white chocolate should be 14%, and milk fat, which is added during production, is about 3.5%.

When buying white chocolate do not neglect the information about the cost and ingredients of the product. Be sure to check out their list, which is specified on the packaging. Remember that cheap quality sugar and real cocoa butter can not be. Also keep in mind that chocolate is one half of sugar, and therefore calories per 100 grams is 550 calories.

But there is white chocolate and useful properties. Cocoa butter contained in the chocolate, enriches the body with caffeine and theobromine. They have a tonic effect on the human body.

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