The use of cocoa and harms of cocoa.


In the Soviet Union cocoa was in short supply, so those who had even the cheapest cocoa powder, could be proud of and to believe that life is good. Now, of course, in Russia cocoa is not in deficit, but a thousand years before Christ, the cocoa beans were valuable, the Mayans, have been in use as cash. For a handful of cocoa, you could even buy two slaves!

Cocoa beans grow in Central America, Africa. Now the most productive country is Ivory Coast.

As we all know, from cocoa make chocolate. If to take a bite of the cocoa bean, you can feel the oily contents, due to the presence of vegetable fatty acids.

Studies have shown that in countries with large consumption of cocoa – the largest number of Nobel laureates!

But Harvard scientists conducted an experiment. Took elderly people were given two cups of pure cocoa and explored the function of the brain. After months, the speed of thought and memory improvement was registered! Also improved blood flow to the brain. Pensioners have solved the problems of a third faster than before consumption of cocoa!

It is believed that to improve memory and brain circulation is affected by the polyphenols. Cocoa has the highest content of these substances. In the second place the grapes on the third green tea. Many children love to drink cocoa. while adults often go for a coffee.

Is it really right?

Consider a few statements about cocoa products.

Cocoa uplifting. It really is true. Cocoa contains many biologically active substances, which affect the synthesis of neurotransmitters in the brain, that is, those substances that affect our mental state. Cocoa is uplifting because it contained dopamine.

Cocoa helps cough. Some do not believe, but in vain. Theobromine contained in cocoa, relaxes bronchial spasm and facilitating breathing. When coughing cocoa really helps if he’s not allergic. Theobromine pure drug.

Cocoa prolongs life. This is true, due to the large number of antioxidants. According to some studies, cocoa tea is superior on the number of antioxidants in five times. Regular consumption of cocoa will lead to the fact that people actually live longer. Besides antioxidants, cocoa also contains anthocyanidin, flavonoids. Such substances necessary for healthy living. Of course, this does not mean you have to only drink cocoa, because the substances which prolong life, should come into our body from a complete diet.

Moreover, drink more than two cups of drink, and especially of hot chocolate a day is impossible. If too much to drink hot chocolate, you can get a kind of intoxication. similar tea. Especially at night is not worth it, if you want to sleep.

In the article about weight loss diets, we have described the so-called the chocolate diet. And in Japan are very popular even chocolate tubs that are in demand among young boys and girls, as the chocolate and cocoa products possess the properties of aphrodisiacs.

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