The tea recipes for weight loss


Passion ginger recently became a hotbed of it. Ginger tea drink almost everything from Housewives to big stars. Than to explain such «mad» popular?

In the composition of ginger – a large number of valuable trace elements, amino acids and vitamins A, C and group B.

Experts say that miraculous ginger root helps to lose

weight. fills the body with energy, preserves the youthfulness of the skin, strengthens immunity, improves blood circulation, metabolism and digestion. Protects us from colds, warms and even cures cough. Displays of our organisms toxins and has antimicrobial action. Improves memory and brain activity. And even (!) improves potency and helps with infertility.

Ginger came to us from Eastern countries, where its healing properties successfully used a long time ago. We have the same “fashion” ginger appeared relatively recently, but has spread rapidly and immediately gained a huge number of admirers and even fans. Now everywhere you can buy dry ginger powder and fresh roots.

We only touched briefly useful and healing properties of ginger, in fact, much more. But what you will learn in this article about ginger tea recipes for weight loss .

I want to warn you – if only to drink ginger tea and do nothing else, to lose weight is unlikely to succeed. He helps those who lose weight comprehensively: follow the diet, are physically active. Including ginger tea gives extra energy to have the strength and the mood to go to the gym, for example.

Ginger for weight loss recipe No. 1

Cut the ginger root into thin slices, put them in the thermos and fill with boiling water. Could not be easier. To drink the contents of the thermos need during the day. Drink better half an hour before meals. During the diet you can drink as much as you want and whenever you want.

The proportions are calculated, based on the fact that a piece of ginger the size of a small plum takes 2 liters of water.

Ginger for weight loss recipe No. 2

Again slice the ginger thinly, pour water and put on fire. Cook for 15 minutes on slow fire. Waiting for our tea to cool but not to cold and warm condition – about 40 degrees. And then add lemon and honey.

In this recipe of ginger tea for weight loss can optionally use herbs, mint, for example. Or some green tea to add.

Ginger for weight loss recipe No. 3

Tea for this recipe is not as tasty, but struggling with being overweight. Take the same amount of ginger and garlic on one side and boiling water – 20 parts. All this is loaded into the thermos, and after 15 minutes you can drink the first portion. Rest during the day.

Ginger for weight loss recipe No. 4

That’s not tea! This fat burning cocktail.

• A glass of low-fat yogurt.

• Ground ginger half a teaspoon.

• Cinnamon – half to 1-2 teaspoons.

• Ground red pepper on the tip of a knife (will adjust the amount to taste).

All mix thoroughly and drink. It is believed that this cocktail is the best drink for the night, so he better effect.

But I still think that any drink with ginger is better not to drink in the evening. Because ginger tones, invigorates — you can just not sleep.

And one more thing. Ginger, since he has so many medicinal properties, cannot be used in an uncontrolled manner, it has contraindications. These are the diseases of the heart, intestines, stomach (ulcer), high temperature, stones, or sand in the kidneys and gall bladder. Those who have chronic diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The same applies to pregnant women.

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