The benefits and harms tasty drink

Red hibiscus tea, the harm and benefit. They can not know, but just enjoy a delicious drink. But why not ask what he can give us?

Not least because the ancient medical treatises called hibiscus tea “cure-all”. And at the present time in the countries located in the tropics, there are huge plantations of the hibiscus, or Sudanese rose petals from which is obtained the famous hibiscus tea.

Hibiscus is a beautiful plant of the family Malvaceae. Therefore, to call tea hibiscus tea is not entirely correct, but it just so happened that the word tea to hibiscus rooted. Actually this herbal drink.

Hibiscus tea. Use.

Hibiscus tea strengthens blood vessels. This property is provided by the presence of anthocyanins, having P-vitamin activity and gives this drink its amazing red color.

Acidity that we feel when we drink hibiscus tea, it is the presence of citric acid. It is an excellent prevention of various respiratory diseases, including infectious. If the cold is already there, that hibiscus can help lower the temperature.

Hibiscus tea has a slight diuretic effect, and this property can be used for edema.

Like many herbal teas, hibiscus displays the body of toxins, including heavy metals. This property can be used after the tumultuous feasts. Tea will remove from your body the breakdown products of alcohol.

The plant contains also a lot of liebevoll acid, which dissolves fat and prevents buildup on the walls of blood vessels cholesterol.

It seems that this tea may be useful in diabetes of 2nd type. In any case, reports of research in this area flashed on the Internet and on the pages of Newspapers.

Another important property of hibiscus tea is its ability to strengthen the nervous system and relieve stress. It provides lots of vitamins in tea. And I think it still works and its color. The drink looks so elegant and festive, that it is simply impossible to look unhappy eyes. His colors are amazing.

Tea hibiscus credited with the ability to reduce weight by slowing down absorption of sugars and the ability to break down complex carbohydrates, and diuretic effect is triggered. But to deceive ourselves on this is not necessary, it is unlikely that the weight reduction will be noticeable. Additional efforts will have to reconsider your diet, increase physical activity.

Well, then, what we usually drink this drink. Hibiscus tea quenches your thirst, drink it in any form, hot, cold, iced, with sugar, with honey. Anyone like.

Hibiscus tea. Harm.

For a healthy person, this issue is not worth it. Of course, with reasonable use, as with any other food and drinks.

But gastritis with hyperacidity or ulcer of the stomach to drink hibiscus tea to be careful, a little, or to abandon it.

Quite often people who are prone to allergies, this reaction occurs and hibiscus. If You have allergies, try to drink this tea at first for a little bit. If there are no negative consequences, you can gradually increase the amount of drinking hibiscus tea.

Dietitians warn us from too much consumption of this beverage, noting its ability to thin the blood. But two to three cups a day will not hurt. And why more? There are so many delicious drinks like tea, and herbal. And they all have remarkable beneficial properties.

Offer you a short video with the talented artist mark Tishman. On it, he will add something interesting about tea hibiscus.

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