How to properly brew coffee at home.

Brew coffee in Turku correctly

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Coffee is an integral part of the morning Wake-up. Strong drink is perfectly invigorates and gives energy for the whole day. Cooking has become a matter of habit, we rarely think about how to properly brew it. But in the Arabian countries this process is a ritual, a kind of religious rite. Discussion the most important cases does not begin until the host will present its guests with a fragrant drink in small cups without handles.

Special secrets in how to properly brew coffee at home, but there are some

subtleties.Pretty easy to make a drink using the machine, but only if personally weld it in Turka, it is possible to enjoy both, the process and the result. For this you will need a few properly selected components:





Choose Turku

The perfect vessel chosen according to three criteria:

The most optimal shape for the Turks – conical with a narrow neck. This neck will help to obtain a more intense flavor and preserve the rich taste. The best material for the vessel is considered to be copper: it has good heat conductivity, and welded in her drink better than coffee made in Turks from other metals. Ceramic vessels are also a good option, they heat evenly and slowly give off heat, but are expensive and have low strength.

Experienced coffee drinkers are advised to choose Turku small volume, such that enough for 1-2 servings. A vessel of not more than 200 ml can reveal all the shades of flavored drink.

Ground or beans?

Not only is it important to know how to brew organic coffee, but to be able to choose the main component of the drink. The choice of varieties and the degree of roasting depends on personal preference, but the question of “ground or beans?” gourmet coffee answer is clear: beans. This drink is more fresh and flavorful. Coffee beans can be purchased in bulk. The specialist will choose the variety according to your taste. Make sure that the grains were identical in color and shape.

Better to buy small portions to drink were always fresh, because long-term storage affects the taste of the beans. Grind them at home if you have a coffee grinder, or do it when buying in the store, but remember that ground coffee quickly loses its flavor, so it’s best to grind the beans immediately before you prepare the drink.

An important component of – water

Water significantly affects the quality of the coffee. It should be fresh, best bottled or spring water, but not boiled and not from the tap. The liquid should be cold, even icy.


Choice of additional ingredients for coffee is wide and varied. Most of the drink add milk or cream, sugar, ground cinnamon. True connoisseurs who are looking for new taste sensations, experimenting with a variety of spices, adding in Turku vanilla, cardamom, star anise, ginger, cloves, zest, peas black pepper, nuts, nutmeg. There are also some very exotic recipes, including dill or caraway.

Brew coffee in Turku right: General recommendations

Later you can experiment with proportions and different recipes, picking your ideal option.

Rinse Turku. Make sure there are no coffee oil residues which could give the drink rancidity.

Pour coffee into the vessel (1 teaspoon in a small Cup).

Add sugar if you prefer a sweet drink.

Pour the cold vodou Turku.

Place a container on a very slow fire.

Wait until the mixture warms up, mix it well. On the surface to form the foam, which contains aromatic and flavoring substances. Try to keep her, pouring the drink into cups.

Once the coffee starts to rise or first bubbles appear, remove it from the heat. It is impossible to prevent boiling of the drink. At high temperatures essential oils that create a rich aroma, evaporate.

Can a few more times to put Turku on fire and get rid of once the foam will rise.

Ready to drink is served almost immediately when particles will settle the grounds. Do not reheat coffee again if it got cold.

These are the traditional recommendations. In fact, this is a guide on how to brew Turkish coffee, because this drink is considered a classic. At the same time every coffee lover got his own secrets, subtleties and original recipes for a refreshing drink. Try adding new features to the familiar Cup, and the morning will sparkle with new colors.

A real cappuccino

Indulge in the sweet creamy drink with an air of velvety foam – cappuccino. How to brew cappuccino, there is nothing difficult, therefore, to eat a kind of dessert, not necessarily to go to a coffee shop.

Cappuccino a third of black coffee, one third milk and a third of the whipped milk foam. Make a Cup of coffee in the usual way. Milk bring to a boil (better if it will be with a fat content of 3.2% and more), remove from heat and beat with a mixer foam. In the Cup consistently pour coffee, milk, foam put on top with a spoon. Ready to drink you can sprinkle cinnamon or grated chocolate.

Green coffee and weight loss

Green coffee is quickly gaining popularity as a new revolutionary product that helps to lose weight. It is a normal coffee beans that have not been roasted. Beans contains chlorogenic acid slows down the release of glucose after a meal thereby facilitating weight loss.

Research conducted in this area, in particular,  in the new Zealand journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, prove the efficiency of the method. However, experts specify: green coffee can be used as an aid to weight loss without diet and exercise.

How to prepare and properly cook green coffee? First you need to fry. This can be done in a special machine (the roster) or on a griddle. Grain laid out in a thin layer on the pan and fried on a slow fire to 15 minutes. Constantly stir the coffee. Keep in mind that the longer the beans are subjected to heat treatment, the less there remains active substances that affect weight loss. After frying, keep the grain on the day.

Green coffee has a grassy taste. The longer they stay, the more expressive will be felt wood color. After you prepare the grain, they can be ground to make a drink, how to brew ground coffee, you already know.

Top 5 coffee recipes

With hazelnuts

100 g of the granules was mixed with 30 kernels of hazelnuts, grind. Make coffee (proportionally), ready to drink, add 1/2 tsp. of orange juice.

Exquisite bitter drink has a tart flavour of nuts and light citrus acidity.


To what the ground coffee has to add cocoa powder in a ratio of 2:1. Cook beverage, sprinkle with cinnamon, add sugar to taste.

Delicate chocolate-cinnamon flavor harmoniously with invigorating coffee smell. The mild taste of the drink perfectly complement the atmosphere of Christmas and new year holidays.


In Turku pour coffee powder, add 5 sticks of clove, the zest of lemon and orange. It is important to remember, if you want to brew black coffee correct: it should not boil. Ready-to-drink has a tart citrus flavor.


Grain mixed with crushed dried mint in a ratio of 1:4. Bake in the oven for about an hour, grind the mixture. Add a pinch of cocoa, the coffee pot as usual. The perfect drink for the morning Wake-up will give you the freshness and vivacity. Can be served chilled.


In Turku to put a cinnamon stick, two sticks of cloves, 4 peppercorns. Spices to warm up for 2 minutes for intense aroma. Add the vanilla, lemon zest and ground coffee. Boil as usual. In ready to drink, add the cream, sugar as desired.

Experiment, inventing bold and achieving new combinations of flavors, and don’t forget the main recommendations. The video will help to visualize this process.

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