How to make ginger tea

Winter is in full swing, which means – it’s time to think about the prevention of colds. That’s why I decided to tell you about how to prepare ginger tea. In recent times it has gained popularity as a means for weight loss. However, we should not forget that he is a great cough medicine, and also has a long list of useful properties.

Ginger you can buy in our stores as in a dry powdered form, and in cheese – vegetable departments of supermarkets sold ginger roots that come to us mostly from China. To prepare ginger tea we can in different ways.

Preparation of ginger tea

Ginger is widely used in Oriental medicine, and is considered one of the most useful natural remedies that help in treating a wide range of disorders:

• By improving blood circulation ginger helps men enhance their sexual quality ;

• In addition, ginger helps women experiencing pain during menstruation – it reduces the levels of prostaglandins, which can cause spasms;

• It has healing, anti-inflammatory and tonic properties, making it an excellent cold and flu remedy ;

• Ginger root has a positive effect on digestion, improves blood flow, and accelerates metabolism in the body, which has become a popular tool for weight loss ;

• Ginger calms the stomach, helps with diarrhea and prevents the formation of gases. It is also an excellent natural absorbent, thereby helping to eliminate nausea . including during pregnancy.

How to make ginger tea

Method 1. With the use of a thermos. Peel the roots, finely chop them (you can grate), throw in a thermos, add boiling water, a thermos close, give 10-15 minutes to infuse. Pour in mug, add lemon and honey. Ginger left in the thermos, pour boiling water again. On liter thermos I take about 100 grams of ginger. Method is good because it provides you with hot ginger tea for the whole day!

How to make tea with ginger and lemon

Method 2. Ginger compote. Finely chopped ginger (here on a grater to RUB his already makes no sense) fill with water and bring to the boil. The cooled finished compote add the honey and lemon.

Honey is an important component in the preparation of ginger tea for colds

Method 3. The simplest one. Poured into the kettle dry ground ginger at the rate of 1 tablespoon per Cup 200 grams of water. Brewed like regular tea, allow to steep for 10-15 minutes. Again, submit it tastier and healthier with just lemon and honey.

Caution: when pouring the tea, prepared by method 3, be sure to use a strainer, especially if you have a sore throat! Because small grains can get stuck in the loose tissues and aggravate the disease, and even to provoke it.

Bon appetit and stay healthy!

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