How to make coffee



At the heart of this Italian cappuccino – 25 ml of concentrated espresso. After pouring espresso in 150-180 ml Cup, pour the milk and milk froth in equal amounts.(1 espresso and 12 milk and 12 milk froth). In Italy cappuccino sprinkled with cocoa powder only on demand.


Espresso coffee drink made with espressomachine. This Italian word to describe a drink made from 7 grams of ground coffee in the amount of 25-30

ml. of water under pressure at 9 Bar at a temperature of 88 – 96 degrees Celsius, with an extraction time of 25-30 seconds.



20 ml of chocolate syrup, 1 espresso, 120 ml of hot milk, a little milk foam, if desired, whipped cream, chocolate shavings and coffee beans for decoration.

Method of preparation:

Originally the drink was mixed with a thick Italian “Cicolata”(chocolate). Variant with chocolate syrup simpler to use. In addition, with other flavors, you can create different kinds of coffee mocha

LATTE MACCHIATO – COFFEE LATTE, MACCHIATO (Coffee with milk)Fashionable and refreshing


(may vary depending on size of cups) 1 espresso, 25 ml of cold milk, 150 ml hot milk, milk foam.

How to serve:

In high heat-resistant glass, with sugar and with a bar spoon (a spoon with a long handle).

Method of preparation:

After adding cold milk in a glass to pour, as gently as possible, hot milk and milk froth. Then either directly from the machine, or if the height is perfect, from the jug and slowly pour the espresso through molochno foam.

The quality parameter: a Clear separation of three components: milk, espresso and milk froth. Since milk is less hot than coffee, has a higher specific gravity than coffee, with careful preparation it is possible to achieve this separation.

ESPREssO MACCHIATO IS an ESPREssO MACCHIATO (Spotted espresso)Hot espresso, with milk


1 freshly made espresso, a little milk foam.

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