How to brew and drink hibiscus tea

About the unique properties of hibiscus

National Egyptian drink from the flowers Sudanese rose literally conquered Europe and every third Scandinavian family eat the tea karkade, and in Mediterranean countries – hibiscus tea is the most popular. The interest of humanity to this drink is due to the mainstreaming of issues of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. And since hibiscus tea is deservedly called the cure for all diseases, we understood the reasons for its popularity.

About the unique properties of hibiscus (rose Sudanese) were known in the times of the pharaohs. The petals of this plant have been found by

archaeologists among the attributes of burial in the tombs of wealthy Egyptians. In the scrolls discovered records that hibiscus…restores vital energy and quenches thirst”.

Indeed, when the researchers focused on the study of the properties of hibiscus, they were amazed at its healing properties. It strengthens blood vessels, regulates blood pressure, purifies the body from unnecessary wastes of metabolism, stimulates the production of bile, activates metabolism, kills pathogens and many more useful things can hibiscus (Sudanese rose).

In addition to brewing, this plant is widely used in cooking. Sour, fleshy leaves of hibiscus – a perfect ingredient for salads, dressings, meat and fish dishes. In the flowers contain up to 9.5% protein, 13 amino acids, of which 6 is an irreplaceable, 2.4% of pectin polysaccharides.

Hibiscus tea has recently appeared on our shelves and not all appreciated his magical properties, giving the habit preference to packaged Leptons and instant coffee. Many people hesitate to use it because you don’t know how often you can drink hibiscus and in what quantities.

How to drink hibiscus tea?

This question is far from idle. There are a few guidelines, relatively hibiscus tea:

When consuming tea hibiscus consider the level of your pressure. If you have a tendency to hypertension, you better drink karkade cold. Under reduced pressure, preferably hot hibiscus, because it’s pressure increases.

If there are stones in the gallbladder and kidneys better not to get involved hibiscus tea.

Also during exacerbation of gastritis or peptic ulcer disease hibiscus is not desirable.

But often the question of the right drink tea out of hibiscus – this question is essentially about how to properly brew a hibiscus, not to spoil the unique properties of plants.

Hibiscus tea can be safely called multivitamin dining drink that can be prepared in different recipes, and drink it as often as you want.

Recipes for tea hibiscus:

Pre-soak the tea leaves (hibiscus flowers) for a few hours or overnight. Then bring to boil on low heat allow to simmer for five minutes and remove. Next – to taste you can add sugar and drink either hot or chill and drink cold. You can use the broth as a base for other drinks.

The petals are soaked, and just laid dry zavarka boiling water and boiled for 3 minutes. The water is painted in red color, and acquires a sweetish-sour taste. You can drink it with sugar, but it is better without it.

Pour the hibiscus tea with boiling water and infuse for 5 to 10 minutes, thus adjusting the strength of welding. To make the tea more intense and more fully revealed properties of hibiscus, it is preferable welding to withstand 10 minutes.

Sprinkle 2-3 teaspoons of hibiscus flowers in Turku (200-250 ml), cover with cold water and place in the hot sand. Let the drink rolling boil 4-5 minutes. You can drink, both hot and cold.

In cold hibiscus add honey and pour into glasses with ice.

You can never brew a hibiscus, and drinking infused water for 8-12 hours hibiscus flowers.

Add in the tea leaves spices (cinnamon, ginger, zest, cloves, vanilla), herbs (mint, Melissa, tarragon), fruit (raspberries, currants, blackberries) and also get a drink with exquisite taste and unique aroma.

You can show imagination and on the basis of brewed hibiscus to make any refreshing or warming drink – non-alcoholic (or alcoholic) punch, for example.

Hibiscus tea for weight loss

It is understandable why hibiscus is used in complex programs for weight loss. Thanks to its rich vitamin content, a wide range of trace elements abilities to clear the body of toxins, drink hibiscus the best suited to help you lose weight.

Nothing complicated in the use of hibiscus in the program weight loss not. It is important to keep track of how much you can drink hibiscus tea (how long has in mind). Nutritionists recommend replacing normal tea to hibiscus, to hold out for three weeks. Then take a break for 7 days and repeat the course.

Of course, during the program weight loss person will not only drink hibiscus tea, but sticking to the diet and certain sport mode.

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