Hot chocolate with chili

Hot chocolate with Chile – a classic combination. Moreover, this recipe goes back many centuries. Spicy notes of chili pepper refresh and invigorate, and tart and rich taste of dark chocolate raises the spirits! During the winter evenings, hot chocolate with chili peppers will help You cheer up and warm up. It is called this dessert – the drink of the gods, “Aztec shock”… the First to prepare this delicacy with the addition of hot

peppers were the Mexicans. Initially hot chocolate with Chile was used as medicine. Beverage, characterized spicy, hot and velvety, full flavor, usually served cold.

For hot chocolate with Chile You will need the following ingredients: one dark chocolate bar, 300 ml milk, cinnamon stick, one piece of hot pepper, half a vanilla pod and sugar to taste, salt. Some foodies for more thrills add honey, ground ginger, coffee or brandy. There is no limit to imagination!

To make hot chocolate with chili, the latter should be washed thoroughly, cut it to length, remove the seeds and “tail”. Then you need to break a chocolate bar. If You decide to add to hot chocolate with chili, cinnamon, it must be thoroughly crushed. Vanilla pod must be cut to length. If not, you can use regular vanilla. However, it should be remembered that in this case, the aroma of hot chocolate with chili peppers will be spicy and rich.

So, hot pepper, milk, cinnamon and vanilla to be mixed, and the resulting mixture bring to a boil. Then you need to lower the heat and continue to cook for two to three minutes on low heat so that the milk mixture is completely soaked with spicy ingredients. Don’t worry that hot chocolate with Chile will be too “breathing”, because the heat treatment of components and the milk will reduce the pungent taste of pepper.

Now you can add pieces of dark chocolate. They should be thinned to obtain a homogeneous mass, the mixture must be constantly stirred. The resulting culinary masterpiece – hot chocolate with chilli – must remove from the heat and let stand, covered for ten minutes. After that you need to strain the drink of the Aztecs, pour into cups and invite guests and enjoy the chocolate scented broth is better in good company!

Don’t forget that the variety of hot pepper affects the spiciness and pungency of hot chocolate with Chile. While cooking the pepper mixture can periodically taste to determine the degree of severity, and then, if necessary, remove the Chile pod. To diversify the palette of fiery drink, you can add brown sugar, a spoonful of good brandy, chocolate shavings or whipped cream. Then hot chocolate with chili pepper will sparkle with new colors in the bouquet! Bon appetit!

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