Homemade hot chocolate

Preparation time: 5-10 minutes Servings: 1-2

On cold winter nights or rainy autumn days there is nothing better than to indulge in a delicious hot chocolate. But few people know that this drink originated much earlier than coffee or tea.

And indeed, the term “chocolate” in different eras had

different values. In times of pre-Columbian America it was a cold bitter drink with chilli and vanilla. Europeans changed the original recipe chocolates, sweeten it, removed the pepper, and began to drink it hot. So if you see a recipe of hot chocolate, where the claim that real hot chocolate is a must cook chocolate, do not believe. Cocoa butter from the bean learned to pressing only in the 19th century, then invented solid chocolate to which we are so accustomed today.

Homemade hot chocolate

English aristocrats drank hot chocolate in a special chocolate houses. How nice that nowadays, you can enjoy this wonderful drink from the comfort of your home! Many people buy ready-made hot chocolate in powder form, which needs to be diluted in hot water or milk. But personally, I think this drink is very far from ideal.

The hot chocolate recipes simple enough to cook enough to heat the components and stir. Most often warm up chocolate bars with milk and infilled beverage starch. Add sugar to taste and spices.

Today I want to offer you to prepare a rather unusual hot chocolate based cream and cocoa powder. Drink this budget recipe turns out very tasty, thick, tender, sweet and very fragrant. Before its taste is just impossible to resist!

You can make hot chocolate in a slow cooker or in a saucepan on the cooker, choose the cooking method that is closest to you liking. Hope you would definitely use my recipe.


Sour cream (20% fat) – 220 ml Cocoa powder – 40 grams granulated Sugar – 1 tablespoon Vanilla – 1 pinch butter – 20 grams (optional).

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