Hair coloring coffee and cocoa

Not every woman by nature given a colour I would like. The girls quickly find a way out of this situation is to color your hair. But what? Ordinary cheap paint contain ammonia, a substance that aggravates the condition of the hair. After staining the ink, the hair becomes thin, brittle and dry. Output – proven quality of hair dye.

However, there are “old wives’ methods, which were used long before the appearance of colors. For example, hair coloring coffee and cocoa gives a very nice natural shade.

Hair coloring coffee or cocoa will not only make your hair a few shades darker, but also give it Shine and strengthen them. For this reason, many girls and women choose cosmetics with natural supplements, folk remedies to care for their appearance.

But it should be noted that the color of the hair coffee or cocoa is not for everyone. Blonde, gray and people who have recently painted with ordinary paint, this method will not work. Staining will occur only partially or not at all will happen. But the brown-haired and brunette, this method is suitable for dyeing 100%. Natural dyes coffee and cocoa give your hair a pleasant tone and a healthy glow. Also, this option of hair coloring coffee is good because it is not expensive and requires no special effort. And the extra power will give aromamassage hair .

A few recipes of masks for hair coloring coffee and cocoa

To prepare this mask, you need these ingredients: 2 egg yolks, dessert spoon of brandy, 1-2 tsp of ground coffee, a spoon of olive oil, and 0.5 to 1 tsp. of vegetable oil and a few dessert spoons of warm water. Mix all ingredients, let the mixture stand for a few hours. Apply on hair for 10-20 minutes. This mask not only give hair a chestnut brown shade, but will also strengthen them, will restore damage. Other helpful hair masks will help you to maintain their luxury status.

Hair spray

This spray for hair coloring in coffee is best suited for brunettes, gives the hair a nice, healthy glow. The recipe is simple — you need to brew ground coffee, let it cool down and apply the liquid on the hair using the spray bottle (this should be done after head washing). The effect is visible after the first treatment.

To obtain a deep chestnut shade of hair you need to paint with henna and coffee. In henna to add a couple of tablespoons of ground coffee and to paint according to the instructions to the henna. In the end — beautiful color hair and thick hair.

Choose the method of coloring that suits you, and enjoy the wonderful shade of hair!

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