Green tea milk

To drink green tea with milk is accepted in many cultures since ancient times. But to this day, disputes in the world of nutritionists green milk tea is harm or green tea with milk is a solid benefit. We do not claim to final and binding verdict, therefore we consider both points of view. Which of them seem worthy of attention – you decide.

The first point of view: green tea with milk – the benefits

Green tea with milk is useful

Fans of green tea with milk, their arguments are guided by the summation of the useful properties of green tea and milk. I.e. appreciate the drink as doubly useful.

The properties of green tea with milk:

It invigorates, like green tea.

Calorie green tea with milk only has 80 calories, which gives a feeling of fullness. It is for this reason that tea with milk is used in complex diets weight loss. One discharge recommend to drink only green tea brewed with milk.

Claim that green tea enhances the absorption of nutrients contained in milk.

Tea protects the stomach lining from the corrosive effects of fermentation of milk.

The milk softens the effects of caffeine and tannin contained in the tea.

Milk tea strengthens the nervous, cardio-vascular system.

Strengthens and protects teeth from decay.

Green tea with milk (as milk) is a great diuretic, so it prevents kidney stones.

In addition to the above effective effects, green tea with milk flavor is very pleasant drink. Of course, there is a view that milk not powder, and tea – high quality.

Recipes green tea with milk

Recipe 1. Pour a teaspoon of green tea water 100 ml and let stand for five minutes. Then add the same amount of pasteurized and heated to 40-60°With milk.

Recipe 2. To heat 1 liter of milk to 70-80°C and pour in two teaspoons of welding. Infuse for half an hour. To drink during the day. This recipe is good for fasting days.

Recipe 3. In the boiling milk, add the green tea with sea salt (2 teaspoons), ground cardamom, pepper, a little cumin or coriander. It is closer to Indian cuisine. But also delicious.

The second view – green milk tea – harm

Green tea with milk is harmful

Remember the recommendations on the use of all types of tea to drink after 30-40 minutes after eating, because some substances in tea inhibit the absorption of proteins in the body? From this and repel opponents of Morococha” defending the separate use of these two drinks (as they say in the English proverb – “Flies separately, cutlets separately”).

The arguments against the use of green tea with milk:

Milk distorts the taste and aroma characteristics of tea.

Milk protein, when interacting with cheaplamisil, difficult to digest forms the connection.

German scientists found that a group of proteins in milk, Kaseinov, in cooperation with tea, reduces the concentration of catechins, which are responsible for positive effects on the heart.

Milk blocks the ability of tea to dilate the blood vessels.

Two useful products, milk and tea, in aggregated form practically cancel each other.

Milk blocks the ability of tea a beneficial influence on the condition of the arteries

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