Green tea in bottles


A few years ago the shelves of stalls and shops filled up bright bottles with all kinds of drinks based on tea. Producers from the TV screens and posters promised indispensable quenching thirst (is the impression that we have every second was very thirsty), as well as the health benefits contained in these drinks antioxidants.

But still nothing was removed thirst better than the plain

water, but in the presence of benefit from these antioxidants, as in their very presence in these drinks are questioned by American scientists.

On the bottles of tea, particularly green, you can often see the inscription, which reads as if the drink contains antioxidants, without which you health like the wording I cannot vouch for, but the meaning is). The antioxidants found in regular tea, which themselves have to make, really helpful. They possess anti-inflammatory properties, and even anticancer. But American scientists took and decided to see how much all the same antioxidants found in tea from a plastic bottle.

The study was subjected to some of the most popular brands of soft drinks based on tea. The study, drinks were divided into two groups – the first did not have any antioxidants, and in the second they were, but in such small quantity that no good for the body it could not produce. Moreover, the sugar contained in the drink, negates the antidiabetic effect of antioxidants, which would be present in sufficient quantity.

In the end, the verdict of scientists categorically – tea from a bottle of no use. But there is harm, for example, sugar or preservatives. Well, if you want to benefit from the antioxidants of the tea, brew it yourself. For even in one Cup of natural their tea contains ten times more than wrapped in plastic in the drink.

Enjoy your tea!

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