Green tea history, medicinal properties

Green tea has become an integral part of modern life. For Europeans it was known for centuries, and in the East have long been used as a medicine against various diseases. Today it is used for cosmetic procedures and in folk medicine, but probably still hides a lot of unsolved mysteries. Interestingly, green and black tea — the same Bush that grows in Southeast Asia. Differ only in how the processed tea leaves: green dry less fermented, in addition to the fermentation process, it is further treated with steam, which helps to retain its natural color and flavor of greens.

Not coincidentally, this is called a wonder of the world. The legend says that today, green tea is the most popular drink in the world. When the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung spent meditating in his garden by accident in a boiling water fell a few fallen leaves of tea tree, which gave a wonderful aroma and taste. Chinese tea has become a favorite of the Imperial family and found a place in the homes of ordinary people.

In 1800 England consumed about 24 million pounds of tea a year, the very popular and, of course, had green tea.

Plant species valued for restoration effect: it has more caffeine than coffee, but with a softer effect, and the amount of vitamin C it contains more than the lemon.

This drink stimulates mental activity and improves mood, neutralizes harmful TV and computer emitted rays, helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, has a positive effect on sexual activity and even reduce the risk of cancer — however, we would need to drink at least 10 cups a day. In addition, the tea improves the healing of wounds and burns, helps fight inflammation and rash. Tea is rich in zinc, which stimulates hair growth and makes nails stronger.

Nutritionists recommend drinking green tea daily: this can be the basis of the diet, because they have no calories and increase metabolism, the body gets rid of toxins and burned fat. If you drink per day to 5 cups should abandon starchy foods, eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and doing lots of exercise.

While positive signs of green tea have a negative side, its improper use can have adverse effects, abuse of green tea can cause anxiety and irritability, and should not be taken right before bedtime. Green tea should not be drunk by people suffering from rheumatism, gout, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

How to prepare this drink? Mostly just a few leaves, pour boiling water, although there are rules that must be followed if you want to try authentic, delicious and fragrant tea.

Tea should be prepared in water having a temperature of 65-80 degrees. Boiling destroys most of the beneficial properties of tea and spoils the taste. If you pour the tea in a white Cup, you can better appreciate the color of the drink.

Facts and figures:

• every day consumed about 3 billion cups of green tea;

• one Cup of green tea replaces ten glasses of Apple juice;

• this drink is used as a hangover cure;

• four cups of green tea a day will help protect your teeth from decay.

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