Green tea

Everyone knows that green tea is a healthy beverage. Drink it for prevention and treatment of certain diseases. It is rich in many nutrients. Green tea is recommended to prevent such terrible diseases as diabetes, stroke and cancer. Using green tea to lose weight and revitalize the body. But can it be as good as it seems? Maybe green tea is and contraindications?

What is bad about green tea
Damage of green tea is that as with any health product, it should be consumed in moderation and know how to make green tea.

Excessive amounts of green tea can harm the body. In the composition of this drink a lot of caffeine, which may increase the pressure, you may have headaches and dizziness. Green tea in large amounts stimulates the nervous system in General.

The same can be said about a strong green tea. It must be used with caution, especially if there is any disease. If you are unsure that you can drink green tea, it is better to consult a doctor. Strong green tea and especially in large quantities is not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from nervous disorders.

Green tea is not advisable to drink on an empty stomach, it can irritate the gastric mucosa, which subsequently can lead to ulcers.

Green tea should not be mixed with alcohol as formed toxins that can harm the internal organs, especially the kidneys.

If you like green tea and want to receive only benefits, it is worth knowing a few simple rules. First, choose a quality green tea. The higher the quality of tea you use, the more it will be beneficial nutrients. Brew a Cup of weak green tea infusion. Drink no more than 3-4 cups of green tea a day.

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