Fireweed re-open its medicinal properties

It has long been known: to get something new, it helps to start using a well-forgotten old. We recently made some sort of sensation discovering Russian tea, which is popularly called the simple name is Ivan (Ivan-tea). Meanwhile, the history of use in Russia this miraculous and medicinal plants has centuries.

Medicinal properties of fireweed: scientists strongly

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History of use in Russia this miraculous and medicinal plants has centuries.

The population of Russia drank Russian tea since ancient times. And not without benefit to health. Koporye tea (it also follows the name of the village near St. Petersburg, where it was produced in large quantities, referred to a drink made from plants with a scientific name of epilobium angustifolium) was once a drink of ordinary Russians. And in Europe, Russia exported this drink in large quantities.

Likely to use it started due to its wonderful aroma and great taste. But quickly the people appreciated and therapeutic effect of this drink: they remove the headache and treating various inflammations, beverage of fireweed invigorated and restored. It is unlikely that our ancestors could assess the merits of this plants. The people as always intuitively chose something that is both tasty and useful at the same time. It was only later that scientists discovered in the fireweed herb a lot of useful and medicinal substances: a large set of trace elements that are essential for humans, a whole Arsenal of vitamins. Iron, manganese, potassium, calcium, a whole complex of vitamins b, PP, C is only a modest list of those medicinal substances in fireweed, fully human existence. Healing is considered virtually all parts of this plant: leaves, roots, flowers. The breadth of use of its parts fireweed slightly inferior unless rosehips .

Treats the fireweed many diseases. It is used externally for washing wounds, as lotions and compresses to relieve pain. Decoctions and tinctures assist as an anti-inflammatory, astringent and diaphoretic. Helps Ivan-tea for gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic disorders. Means of fireweed well raise the hemoglobin in the blood, and from rhizomes of this miracle plant are used to prepare the drug for the treatment of syphilis and gonorrhoea. Daily consumption of Chai tea improves the immune system, compensates for the deficiency of vitamins in the body.

What is more valuable: tea or fireweed

Drink from Ivan-tea contains caffeine, which damage often brings much more than good.

Tea from fireweed is very similar to the usual black tea in the first place, the method of manufacture of raw materials and color. Meanwhile, there is one crucial difference: drink from Ivan-tea contains caffeine, which damage often brings much more than good. Suffice it to say that the purpose of caffeine in the leaves of some plants is pest control!

Ivan-tea is not only completely free of caffeine, there is no such malicious substances like oxalic acid and purine compounds, the use of which violates the metabolism. Moreover, its beneficial properties Russian tea keeps for 3 days, while from cold black or green tea all useful disappears forever.

Fireweed: contraindications

Fireweed-a rare plant not only for its healing properties, but also by quite a small number of contraindications. Individual intolerance is extremely rare.

For greater caution doctors recommend to refrain from using funds from fireweed children of preschool age. After the consultation the doctor should take the funds from Ivan-tea and pregnant women. In addition, it is undesirable to use simultaneously soothing and antipyretic means, because it can greatly increase the impact on the body. In all other cases, Ivan-tea is beneficial to health.

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