Fireweed (epilobium) is a unique plant with many beneficial properties and is used for many different purposes. It is a perennial plant with a thick creeping rhizome, erect stem, reaching up to 180 cm in height, and dense inflorescence in the form of a brush. Fireweed blooms in mid-summer and the

fruits ripen from July. It is undemanding in terms of habitats, but demanding light conditions. So look for this medicinal plant should clearings, edges of fields, slopes of ravines or other well-lit areas.

Useful properties of fireweed

The fireweed leaves contain carotene, ascorbic acid, sugar, tannin pyrogallol groups, pectin, alkaloids, and other useful items. Research has proven that it has anti-inflammatory and enveloping properties, thus more effective for ulcers, colitis and gastritis.

An interesting fact is that in the green fireweed the content of vitamin C 3 times higher than oranges. Therefore, it is indispensable for metabolic disorders and anemia. The leaves of this plant also contains high concentrations of trace elements such as copper, iron, manganese, which stimulate hematopoiesis. Thanks to the rich content of vitamins and minerals, willow herb has a restorative and tonic effect on the body.

As for the medicinal properties of willow-herb, first of all, it is a good anti-inflammatory agent. It can be used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the male and female genitalia, as well as inflammatory processes with SARS and the common cold. In the second case, you need to start treatment necessarily in the first days after the onset of symptoms, because in the later stages will have the opposite effect.

And finally, the herb willow herb like Valerian officinalis, has a mild sedative and hypnotic effect.

The use of fireweed

Ivan tea has been widely used in folk medicine. Its leaves are crushed and applied to sores and wounds, which helps them heal quicker. Blooming fireweed steamed and treat sore muscles and joints.

Of course, from fireweed prepare healthful and delicious tea. To prepare this drink can from the young leaves of the flowering plant, the Gulf of boiling water. And it is possible to modality them in a shady spot in hot weather, then brew with carrots – it will be a very healthy drink. There are also more complex ways of preparing this tea, we will talk about below.

Long since in Russia Ivan-tea was also used as a food plant. From shoot tips and young leaves cooked salads, added to soups. Sweet roots were eaten raw or boiled, and dried, grated and added to the dough for baking. This Supplement gave the original sweet flavor to bakery products. Roasted roots fireweed used as a coffee substitute. And some craftsmen worked even light beer.

Fireweed is a good forage plant. It enjoy use of domestic animals – cows, horses, sheep and goats. For these purposes, the fireweed hoard and for the winter.

Recipes cooking

In the 19th century fireweed was considered an excellent substitute for tea. Due to the high cost of imported beverage, Russian analogue was used everywhere. Koporye tea, so it was called, was popular throughout Russia. It was harvested in large quantities and exported to other States.

The recipe for fireweed is not complicated. You must collect the leaves of the plant during its active flowering. First, they are slightly dried about a day in the shade, then his hands twisted in a small “sausages”, put in an enamel bowl, cover with a damp cloth and leave for the day. During this period, the tea goes through a fermentation process, during which it receives gustatory properties. He is saturated with the scents that you receive the original floral scent.

After fermentation, the leaves pour into another container and finally dried. Drying is best in the Russian stove and oven. At this stage it is important to observe the flow of air, otherwise the tea can “choke”. Please note that after drying the leaves to preserve the green color. If not, then either you are not prepared fireweed, or just messed up a plant for consumption and it no longer fits.

The dried sheet can be cut into small pieces or grind by hand for easy brewing, then pour into a glass jar and cover tightly. To give the tea a more pronounced floral aroma and brightness, it is recommended to add the dried flowers of the plant.

Recipe, how to make rosebay, is quite simple: 2 teaspoons of tea pour 1 Cup boiling water, steep 10 minutes and drink to your health! One serving of welding can be used several times. For a brighter taste and even greater benefits you can add dried blueberries, strawberries or other.

Contraindications fireweed

For such a long time of use and many studies did not identify any contraindications or side effects of fireweed. In rare cases, it may be individual intolerance that is characteristic of all medicinal plants. Propafenone may experience mild gastrointestinal upset, which immediately goes after the cessation of the application of fireweed.

Just like that, it turns out that you can save on buying expensive Ceylon tea and enjoy the beautiful and healthful Ivan-tea. The fortress, this drink is a cross between black and green tea, and among its advantages the fact that it does not stain tooth enamel.

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