Delicious tea for any occasions!

This drink loved by all. He’s not only a great thirst quencher in the summer, but cold and warms in the winter after the evil frost. We are talking about tea. Thanks to its natural origin, there’s a huge number of vitamins and minerals that can improve our immune system. This tea is full of antioxidants that have beneficial effects on the whole organism. How to cook a delicious tea – read more.

What is the taste?

The tea turned out really tasty, always pay attention to when buying it fresh, after all, since all useful essential oils evaporate out of it and the taste becomes less intense and enjoyable. Shelf life tea a maximum of two years if stored in a dry and cool place. Surely you have noticed that when brewed, the tea leaves from tiny bundles turned into three-dimensional leaves. So that leaves not closely, brew tea in a large pot. If you don’t like drinking from large mugs, then give preference to tea bags. Although he is largely inferior to real brewed tea.


Pay attention to the water. you use for welding. Because tap water is usually saturated with chlorine. Therefore, it is better to take a specially filtered water.

How many degrees?

Just as important is the quality of the water, no less than pay attention to the water temperature. To ensure that tea is brewed’t have to pour it boiling hot water. For example, to brew black tea enough temperature to 90 degrees. but the white and green varieties are welded at 70 to 80 degrees. Let the water cool after boiling, and then pour it dry tea.

The ratio of water and tea is also important. Take the rate of two teaspoons of tea for one glass of water for welding large leaves and herbal teas. For black tea will be enough and one spoon.

In what dishes?

Important rule, to ignore which is not desirable – not brew tea in a metal container. On sale now features a huge selection of porcelain and faience ware. In addition, a more affordable option would be comfortable and beautiful ceramic or glass cookware (pots, cups, etc.)

Want to increase the antioxidant properties of tea, then add a bit of lemon.

Fruit teas

The summer and so beautiful, that allows you to cook in kusno tea, with the addition of various fruits. For example, a very unusual and looks delicious tea with vanilla and cherry. Wash cherries and prick several times with water and add sugar. Leave in the fridge to release the juice. Pour in the brew kettle, a couple of cherry leaves and pour hot water. Leave to infuse for ten minutes. Then pour the tea in cups with adding two or three teaspoons of the cherry, covered with sugar. If I prepare this tea in the winter, use frozen or dried cherries. Instead, you can use gooseberry. currants or raspberries.

Melon tea – not less than fragrant and useful. Technology of preparation is similar. The kettle black pour, green tea and pieces of melon rind. Pour it with boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Pour the tea in cups and decorate each small pieces of melon.

Winter teas

Great for winter warming way would be tea with cinnamon, ginger and lemon. In addition, this tea improves the immune system. Fill the kettle with green or black tea, two teaspoons of grated ginger and a cinnamon stick. Pour it with boiling water and leave for about ten minutes. Taste and add the sugar, lemon and your tea is ready!

Another winter version of tea in the other interpretation is prepared. Add 0.5 liters of water, two of clove Bud and a slice of ginger root. Pour this liquid three teaspoons of plain tea. Leave to stand for five minutes. Strain and add 0.5 liters of warm milk.

Summer teas

Very refreshing and odd tea with mint and orange. Add to black or green tea, orange peel, ten mint leaves and pour it all with hot water. After brewing, pour into cups, add sugar to taste and use as a decoration leaves of fresh mint. This tea can be drunk both hot and chilled.

Sweet vanilla

Exquisite and aromatic tea is made with vanilla. In a hot kettle, add two teaspoons of vanilla or two sticks, a spoonful of black tea and pour it with boiling water. Five minutes after infusion, the tea is ready for consumption.

Arabic tea

Citrus tea

Light and summer tea is made with citrus. The kettle pour the green tea, add the zest of Mandarin, lemon, orange and other citrus fruits that you have in your home. Throw in a kettle or two of clove Bud and cinnamon. Pour all the boiling water and quench your thirst!

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Delicious tea for any occasions!
This drink loved by all. He's not only a great thirst quencher in the summer, but cold and warms in the winter after the evil frost. We are talking about…

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