Cocoa benefits and harms


The birthplace of cacao consider the territory of modern Mexico, where the Aztecs cultivated the cacao. They cooked beans from the drink that gave strength and made vigorous. This was the use of cocoa to the Aztecs. After a certain time, cocoa beans were brought to Europe, and this product immediately became very popular.

The caloric content of cocoa

You should not forget that cocoa has a high caloric content. One hundred grams cocoa contains nearly three hundred calories. For this reason, the drink quenches hunger, but it won’t suit for those who lose weight, unless they can replace the afternoon snack.

Cocoa contains a large amount of different nutrients, namely, vegetable protein and fats, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, sucrose, organic acids, starch. As cocoa is rich in vitamins A, b, E, PP, beta-carotene and minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, iron, zinc, phosphorus and sulfur. That is, in cocoa has almost the whole periodic table, with the exception of heavy metals.

The beneficial properties of cocoa

Useful cocoa and the fact that its composition is a powerful antidepressant – phenylethylamine, which improves the mood and brings man out of depressive States.

The beverage has a regenerative effect, it restores strength well, so it is useful to drink for colds or infectious diseases. Thanks to potassium cocoa is able to arrest the symptoms of heart failure. And in cocoa there are unsaturated fatty acids, which regulate the concentration of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

The systematic consumption of the drink can improve the functioning of the brain, activates blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure. For this reason, experts advise to consume this drink in the treatment of weakened blood vessels in the brain. Many experts believe that the intake of cocoa is a good prevention of strokes.

Due to the rich content of antioxidants, regular consumption of cocoa may successfully prevent the emergence of cancer and well-slows down the aging process of the human body. As cocoa is useful for its healing qualities. Naturally, it is not applied on cuts, but when drinking it, they tightened significantly faster. As shown, in humans, drinking cocoa, inflammatory processes cease quicker.

As good this product in the prevention of sunburn. The latter is due to the presence of melanin in its composition. And cocoa accelerates metabolism and activates protein synthesis and enzymes, which in turn ensures the normal functioning of cells. Beneficial effect this product and the functioning of the respiratory system.

Good effect of cocoa on adolescents during puberty. For this reason encouraged the use of children’s breakfasts containing cocoa, as they provide children with the energy needed for the normal physical and intellectual development.

Harmful effects of cocoa on the human body

For all its merits, not all cocoa is useful, therefore, there are certain limitations to the use. In the composition of cocoa is purine compounds, which do not allow to use this product when gout and kidney diseases.

It is also impossible to use cocoa children, aged less than three years, since the consumption of the drink overly excited nervous system. But older children, cocoa can be given but it should be diluted with milk or cream. Because cocoa has a stimulating effect, it should be consumed during Breakfast or lunch, but not before bedtime.

You can not drink the drink in diarrhea. But all the people who suffer from diabetes and atherosclerosis should completely abandon the use of cocoa.

And of course all people need to consume cocoa moderately then benefit. But it’s not just cocoa, but any other food product.

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