Buy Fruit and herbal in Moscow

Buy fruit and herbal tea

Online shop “Tea tradition“ is a recognized provider of this Chinese tea of the highest quality to satisfy the most sophisticated demands of customers. It features only genuine products, among which you can choose an ideal drink for every taste at an affordable price. This elixir of youth and life can be delivered to any corner of Russia.

Fruit tea — protection from disease

This is not only a delicious drink, refreshing and very useful, but also a

work of art. Is a creative blend of aromatic fruits and berries in dried form, as well as the leaves and flowers of plants. Actually tea leaves in the composition of this drink is usually not included, perhaps only a small amount of green tea leaves.

Gorgeous bouquet of flavors inherent in the fruit drink — not his only advantage. This product does not contain caffeine, and therefore any negative impact on the blood pressure excluded. Noble and gentle fruit tea you can drink in unlimited quantities, it is completely safe even for children, the elderly and pregnant women.

The basic components of fruit tea:

– Sudanese rose (hibiscus);

– citrus fruits.

All these ingredients contain vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances to the body that contributes to the healing properties of the drink:

– quenches thirst;

– increases energy, stimulates the body’s defenses;

– strengthens blood vessels, reduces cholesterol;

– calms the nervous system;

– cleanses the intestines, removes toxins from the body.

You can purchase these unique kinds of fruit tea:

– “An evening by the fireplace“ — has a warming taste and a refined Oriental fragrance. The composition of this drink contains cornflower petals, cloves, cinnamon, orange zest and Apple.

– “Watermelon” — tea with a delicate sweet aroma of ripe watermelon. There are cranberry, rose, Rowan and rose petals. The beer is characterized by a high antibacterial effect.

– “Red dress” — has a nice crimson color and luxurious smell of fresh hay. Consists of juniper berries, fragrant strawberry, chokeberry, rosehip, beet and calendula petals.

– “Brazen berry” — bright and bold beverage, which includes pineapple, papaya, Apple, raisins and rose hips.

– “Imperial garden” — a unique blend of fruit and berries from around the world. BlackBerry and papaya, mango and Rowan twist of its exquisite taste and aroma unique way. This Royal drink has an intense scarlet hue.

Herbal tea — all the power of nature

This drink is not only an occasion to enjoy the good taste, but also the opportunity to take care of their health, as it consists of natural ingredients and is a natural antioxidant. Herbal tea will help bring the figure is in perfect condition, will give a boost of energy and vivacity for the whole day.

Drink of herbs is able to excrete toxins and waste products, to break down fat cells, to dull the feeling of hunger.

In the online store “Tea tradition“ can be purchased the following types of herbal tea:

Green mate“ is a fine drink from South America, with a delicate woody aroma and rich taste, has a nice dark green shade.

Forestry constellation “ — here you will find the greatest treasure — the leaves of currant and mint, lemongrass, rose hips, Apple, anise seeds and rose petals.

– “Peace summits“ — Melissa, mint, cornflower petals and orange peel. Excellent sedative. – “Russian traditions“ is the currant leaves, lemon balm, thyme and chamomile.

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