Banana smoothies

Hello my dear readers! Personally I always wanted to be healthy, but also that the food was not only healthy, but very tasty. I started several times to lead a healthy lifestyle, but because of my some new beliefs that all healthy should be delicious I broke and returned to his former way of life.

Because of the taste of healthy food I started several times to lead a healthy lifestyle and each time my attempts to change anything ended eating cakes, chips, fried potatoes, etc, etc. unfortunately, a return to his former way of life nothing good has not led me to lose weight grew with incredible speed, began to ache and the pain was so bad that any movement would cause me unbearable pain.

There were other health problems, which do not want to tell, but not delivering a lot of pleasant sensations. This time I decided to seriously address their diet and General lifestyle and gradually I came to the conclusion that healthy food, it turns out, can be very tasty, for example, one banana smoothies, this drink is really delicious. However until I discovered tasty and healthy recipes namukasa’s great, but how else, after all, a dramatic change in your diet it’s not pleasant. Besides, I abruptly refused many harmful products that for 35 years has quenched my hunger and all these products have long been my favorite.

If you just started having problems with health, you can’t lose weight, then think about your diet in the first place, find necessary and useful information and you will surely find a way out of difficult situations. If you are in any difficulty, write to me and if I can help, we would be happy to share my experience with you. In the meantime, let me share with you a few recipes banana smoothie.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take photos as I make banana smoothies, but I will try to tell you in detail the recipe, and the photos do not need. Well, let’s get to the recipes.

The first smoothie recipe with banana

For this banana smoothie you will need:

2 banana (freeze)

2 peeled oranges.

Proceed to the preparation of

A banana and an orange slice with a knife into small pieces and put in blender.

Beat with a blender until uniform mass.

What would the whipping process was easier, I recommend at the bottom of the blender to put the pieces of orange, and on top lay a banana. Just frozen bananas whipped not easy and I even sometimes add a bit of liquid (juice, nut milk. or some water).

Despite the fact that this smoothie recipe has the banana. He still promotes weight loss with oranges. Besides, if you start to watch your diet, do not overeat, to give up all sweets, flour, etc. to include in your menu more fresh fruits and vegetables. you won’t need any diet, the weight itself will begin to leave quickly.

Although, for me personally, it was very difficult to give up sweets and cakes. When I was expelled from my menu, I realized that addicts feel when they can’t get their dose of drugs. I had a real breakthrough and through it was not easy. After a few weeks it became easier, but I still still by an effort of will power to restrain myself not to fall. So the switch to healthy eating is being given to me is very difficult. Maybe that’s why there are so many sick and poor people?

The second recipe, we will prepare a smoothie with banana and blueberries

You need to take:

2 banana (to freeze)

0.5 liters of blueberries

1 Cup of any juice, but don’t buy juice at the store, better prepare it themselves. For example, you can squeeze the juice of an orange, because oranges are very juicy. You can also take any other juice, depending on your possibilities and preferences.

The recipe for cooking banana-blueberry smoothie is very simple. Place all ingredients in a blender and beat until smooth.

Here I want to say a few words about the blender because of its power depends very much. I have a blender is not very powerful, so until smooth whisk smoothie does not work. But. despite this, he still turns out very tasty.

Recipe banana smoothie with mango

Take 2 frozen banana.

Cup frozen mango slices.

1 Cup orange juice (as in the last recipe, please prepare natural juice).

Further, all as in the previous recipes banana smoothie: All products are put in blender and whip for a few minutes until smooth.

Banana-strawberry smoothie

This smoothie is very tasty, and for its preparation are:

2 banana (pre-freeze).

Half avocado

0.5 liters of strawberries

200 grams of plain water. As for water, there are some rules. Do not take water from the tap. Personally, I first boil water, wait for it to cool and pour it into the jar with stones (silicon, shungite, quartz). If you have ways of obtaining high-quality drinking water, I would be grateful if you share your recipes in the comments.

Well, I have all recipes banana smoothie. Finally I want to say that it is not necessary to strictly adhere to these recipes if you have something you can replace on the product that you have in your fridge. If you have something to add, we opine in the comments, I’ll be glad to talk with you. Good luck.

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