A valuable gift to Your health


White tea is a popular type of tea that originated in southern China. It is only slightly oxidized, which distinguishes it from all kinds of Oolongs and black(red) tea. In this article we will tell you why still need white tea to our body. We also touch on the subject of how white tea may help in treatment of all types of serious illnesses and diseases.

Of the many kinds of teas namely the white is quite new and unappreciated. The first time he mentioned about 2 centuries ago. When from China this tea first began supplying abroad, it was mistakenly labeled as “black” due to their similar production processes. In the end, people around the world have started to appreciate slightly sweetened taste of white tea. The taste are sometimes not even noticeable, although it feels slightly vague natural sweetness and flavor of malt. Because white tea is neither bitter nor sour, it makes it the perfect drink for someone who tries elite tea for the first time. It never has a strong herbal taste like green tea.

Despite the name, white tea is not white. On the contrary, it is a pale green color. The name “white tea” comes from a closed sheet, which is characterized by silvery-white hairs. In China, the kidneys are disrupted before they open, and then dried in the sun, but only slightly. A shining example of white tea is Bai Mu Dan. The white tea leaves have a light green color when dried. Since they do not lie so much time in the sun, the leaves are not so dried. Some of the leaves have a thin silver cushion of the fluff that comes from the white hairs on the plant. When you drink white tea, fluff actually see floating on the surface of your drink. Well these villi are visible on the kidneys GU Shu Bai I .

Is white tea revitalizing? Since white tea is produced from the same plant that black tea and green tea (sinensis), it has the same health benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should drink white tea:

-Anti-inflammatory properties

-Decrease cholesterol

-Lower blood pressure

-Strengthening the immune system

-Reducing the effects of aging

-And most, most importantly – prevention of cancer!

Few formal studies have confirmed the facts about the benefits of white tea. In 1984, scientists have suggested that white tea has powerful antibacterial properties that inhibit the spread of viruses and fungi. These studies concluded that white tea improves the strength of our teeth. Further studies have also strengthened the belief that white tea strengthens the immune system.

In 2009 research at Kingston University have proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of white tea. In studies, it was concluded that white tea is a good way to treat diseases such as arthritis and cardiovascular disease. The antioxidant properties also make excellent anti-aging white tea drink.

You care about your health You love a mild, delicate flavor? This is Your tea!

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