7 drinks of youth, scientists have made a sensational discovery

Finally, scientists have declassified information regarding the drink of youth. So, the researchers reported that in the framework of the experiments were able to determine what kind of drinks can prolong life. Based on the results of the experiments and research was compiled of the TOP 7 “elixirs” that preserve health, beauty and memory.

First burst green tea, the Birthplace of the beverage is China. It is noted

that, a large effect has white tea, but if not, then it’s green. Minimally fermented leaves contain large amounts of polyphenols.

Second place in the TOP 7 scientists is hibiscus, came to us from the hot African continent. Arabs regularly use so-called “drink of the pharaohs”, considering it an effective cure for almost all diseases. The source for the emergence of the tea beverage is Sudanese rose or Hibiscus sabdariffa. It is believed that anthocyanins, which give red hibiscus, exhibit P-vitamin activity. Due to this is strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

Next on the list of anti-aging drinks is … coffee, which is due to the effect of caffeine on the body blocking the signalling pathways by which the chain is passed through the information responsible for the start-up of various natural processes. One Cup can not only lift your mood, and performance in the case of fatigue, but also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, also improves memory and attention.

In fourth place — cocoa — also a rejuvenating drink. It should be noted that historians have found evidence of the sacred status of the drink by the Aztec and Maya Indians. Useful medical properties attributed to cocoa first and foremost anti-agglutination of platelets.

Fifth place the tomato juice, which is saturated with the substance referred to in an academic environment lycopene. A natural compound has a beneficial effect on the human body, reducing the risk of formation of diseases of the eye and cardiovascular system.

Followed by a decoction of rose hips — also a rejuvenating drink. It should be noted that in the middle ages there were many stories about the healing properties of the berries of the plant. Positive effects on the body the drink has a high level of vitamin C, which supports bone and connective tissue.

And on the 7th place — red wine — allows not only to improve health, but may even extend lifespan. The main role in this case plays resveratrol, concentrated in the skins of berries. It not only strengthens the walls of blood vessels and the cardiovascular system, but also slows down the growth of cancer cells, and also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. According to research scientists, Red wine allows you to postpone or completely protect against the formation of diseases that reduce overall life expectancy by 15-20 years, according to a New region.

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